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    HQZ series water well dth drilling rig is a lightweight, It is mainly suitable for industrial and civilian drilling and geothermal drilling. It has the advantages of compact structure, fast footage movement, flexibility and wide application area. It is especially suitable for water intake from mountainous areas and ruoshi formations. The machine can be applied to various formations, such as water well engineering, geothermal wells, anchor pile holes, etc., and can use pipe-following drilling tools.
    Dth drilling rig product material: fine steel fuselage
    Pneumatic crawler drilling rig, crawler water well drilling rig, high efficiency pneumatic rock drilling rig
    Overall weight3.5
    (mm) Dimension3400*1500*2400
    (mm) Drilling diamond130-245
    (m) Drilling depth150
    (mm) One-time advance length of the drill (mn) 30003000
    (km/h) Traveling speed2.5
    (Max) Climbing ability25
    Mm) Minimum ground clear250
    (mpa) Working Air Pressure1.45-2.5
    HP bzrain) Air consumption15-27
    (kw) Maiin machine power42/ YunneiYunnei
    (rpm) Rotary Speed30-80
    (Nm) Rotary torque4000-5000
    Product Name: Crawler Pneumatic Well Machine Product Function Hydrological Drilling, Agricultural Irrigation, Ground Temperature Air Conditioning Hole, etc.
    Installation of drilling rigs: mud pumps, generators, electric welding machines and cutting machines can be installed according to user requirements. Drilling rigs are also equipped with various winches as standard.
    This series of drilling rigs adopt excavator crawler chassis with strong off-road performance. Independent module design allows the drilling rig to be mounted on the truck, increasing its maneuverability, two-gear rotation and the propulsion speed can meet the different drilling needs in soil layer and rock layer. The combined positioner can be adjusted, replaced and positioned according to different types of drill pipes and impactors.
    Plate to ensure accurate and reliable positioning and centering. Hoisting mechanism facilitates hoisting of drill pipes and impactors and reduces labor intensity.
    Q1: Is your company a trading company or a factory?
    A1: Factory (we produce, we sell)
    Q2: How long have you been working in this industry?
    A2: It has been specialized in producing drilling tools for more than 10 years and has been specialized in exporting for 8 years.
    Q3: How to pay?
    A3: Accept custody, credit card, Western Union remittance, PayPal, quick remittance, telegraphic transfer, letter of credit.
    Q4: How was the delivery?
    A4: 10-15 working days (after payment).
    Q5: Do you accept the trial order?
    A5: Certainly. If your order is large enough, we will quote the most favorable price.
    Q6: Does your company accept customization?
    A6: OEM and ODM are available. We have our own professional research and development team to serve you.Drill Machine quotation