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    PTFE Fine Powder
    鈼?PTFE is chemically Inert & nonreactive to almost all known chemicals.
    鈼?nbsp;PTFE has Excellent Thermal Resistance up to 260掳C
    鈼?nbsp;PTFE is Non-adhesive, not bondable & has Anti Stick Properties
    鈼?nbsp;PTFE is material with Exceptionally low coefficient of friction
    鈼?nbsp;PTFE has Outstanding Electrical Insulation properties
    鈼?nbsp;PTFE has Excellent weathering resistance
    PTFE is a polymer with high melting point and melt viscosity. In PTFE, due to large fluorine Atom, PTFE Molecule takes up a twisted zigzag, with the fluorine atoms packing tightly in a spiral around the Carbon-carbon skeleton. The first melting point of PTFE is 342掳C (648掳F) and the melt viscosity is in the range of 1011鈥?012 poise at 380掳C (716掳F).This high melt viscosity inhibits any flow similar to that known for other thermoplastics. Hence non conventional processing methods have been developed to accommodate PTFE’s unique properties based on powdered metal processing technology. There are three basic techniques for moulding suspension polymerized or granular PTFE. These techniques are- Billet & Sheet moulding, Automatic moulding and Isostatic moulding.
    PTFE fine powder are mainly used for making sealed tape, expanded tape, technical data as follows:
    Appearance: white loose powder
    Tensile strength: 鈮?8.0Mpa
    Elongation at break: 鈮?50%
    Volumetric density: 475卤100g/L
    Moisture: 鈮?.03%
    S.S.G.: 2.170-2.185
    Particle size: 575卤100渭m
    Extrusion pressure: 9.7卤4.2MPa
    Extrusion appearance: continuous, even, smoothBuy PTFE Fine Powder